Hair Like Hers - The Beyoncé Ponytail











Everyone knows that your style speaks volumes about who you are. If you’re ready to release your inner diva but your hair isn’t on the level, you can achieve Beyoncé’s iconic look with a simple hairpiece. Adding a ponytail attachment will transform your style in no time. 

Unlike Beyoncé, most of us don’t have a personal stylist, but you can add length and volume to your natural hair yourself with the Modu Evita. These long, loose waves will instantly enhance your starlet status whenever you need. It’s a classy and low maintenance way to have the hair you want without spending the time you don’t have.  

Beyoncé has had dozens of fabulous looks throughout the years, including this long and high knotted ponytail. If you want a glamorous and out-of-the-way style, the Modu Hetty might be right for you. Just pull back your natural hair and add on this wavy ponytail whenever you need an upgrade.   

Like Beyoncé, you can wear either of these pieces close to the nape of your neck to add fullness and glamour to your look. Don’t settle for simple, limp hair. Be fierce. Adding extensions is easier than you might think, and can give any style a big boost.

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